.We are proud to present a great artist! Antonis Tzanidakis!

We are proud to present a great artist that is coming to Stockholm/Sweden to teach 6 classes!
Dates: 13-15 april 2018
BOKNINGEN ÖPPNAR tordagen den 26 oktober, kl 20.00

Warm welcome Antonis Tzanidakis!

Hello my art friends!

My name is Antonis and I’m a mixed media artist from Athens, Greece.
I’m an officer in Navy and i was professional basketball player….but couple years ago accidentally found this art, and I started work with it.

Day by day i found my ways to work with materials and one day one bookstore from Lefkada (the place i was living for that moment) called me and told me to start classes…i said yes and i felt that I’m good with people…!

At that moment i made also my page at Facebook ”Handmade Fantasy” http://www.facebook.com/handmadefantasybyantony/  and soon I started traveling around the Greece..and then around the world..i had been till now in more than 20 countries…

At the end of the day I still doing my hobby and i try to give to the people as much i can!

”Don’t forget to imagine..

The life is a mixed media project…